Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Spirits

I have never been a big fan of the red-green thing, other than the deep rich natural green of the holly which inspired it, so I was quite surprised when my colleagues at Renaissance Ribbons delicately insisted that it would be a good thing to use that Christmas kelly green we all know, on a couple of ribbons. And I remain surprised. Aren't they fun? there is a lot to be said for fitting -- colorwise -- within the mainstream sometimes: e.g., these colors will actually match people's wrapping papers and Christmas fabrics so can be used in many more ways! So I re-colored Ribbon Candy and Tiny Cakes (our best seller anyway) in these cheery colors.

I was also persuaded by Crate & Barrel to attempt something in terms of what they refer to as an "icon" for holiday linens, so last summer, when I found some fabulous vintage rhinestone brooches as an antique fair, I knew I had found it. First I translated it into a ribbon for RR, and next it will be embroidered/printed/woven/decalled onto any number of C&B products -- but for those, alas, you will have to wait for Holiday 2008.

(these images are courtesy of Crafter's Vision, where you can buy all of them)