Monday, October 26, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

more new ribbons

I have been so busy in the studio -- still working on Fall 2010 designs for Crate & Barrel, among other projects -- that I forgot to post the other new ribbons which have now arrived in stock. Doily is based on crochet doilies, and has the apprearance of rather baroque snowflakes. Creamy white, lacy doilies float above a ground of the same pattern woven in 2 tones of either red, or deep blue.

And it has a WOVEN edge! This is thrilling for me: when I began my ribbon business I went with the relatively new, much-maligned broadloom construction, where the ribbons are woven as a wide sheet and then slit apart into narrow strips. Much less expensive to produce, the edge has a simulated selvedge but was spurned for some time by true ribbon connoisseurs, who preferred the woven edge. On "real" woven edge ribbon, a tiny shuttle races back & forth on each separate ribbon. If they are 1.5" wide, and you are weaving them on a 54" loom, you an see how many tiny little shuttles would be needed to weave all those strips. But now, by teaming up with Renaissance Ribbons, I am able to design constructions that I could only dream about as tiny little LFN.

The other new woven-edge ribbon is Mistletoe, which comes in red with bright green leaves, or deep red with celadon leaves. Both are sumptuous, woven with beautifully detailed leaves and bright white berries which sit like pearls on the surface.

Quilting has also arrived; it is delightful. I originally designed it as a print, on a rather sophisticated khaki ground. Now it has the look of old handwoven coverlets, with a cream ground and either red or blue brocading. I love the tiny little stitches throughout the design, which I meant to look like the tiny stitches of hand quilting.