Monday, April 23, 2012

ribbons on pillows by Meryl Ann Butler

Rickrack ribbon by LFN Textiles

Morning Glory Ribbon by LFN Textiles
Pansy ribbon in red by LFN Textiles
Meryl Ann Butler, a popular author of quilting books, has released MORE 90-Minute Quilts, and she has featured a number of LFN Textiles ribbons in her projects.  Nice to see these flowery favorites on such pretty cushions!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Shinique smith, Bale Variant 0011
I think about mending all of the time.  I don't actually do much of it... but I ought to!  I saw an amazing textile sculpture by Shinique Smith in the current Surface Design Journal, made of clothing sent by the bale to third world countries from the USA.  We wear our t-shirts a few times, and  toss them when they are stained, out of fashion, or no longer please us.  As for our other clothes -- well, I for one have long ago run out of closet space, and wonder when I can possibly wear all of these clothes in this lifetime?

One problem is that if anything gets snagged, or torn, or even just a bit worn, we tend to toss it as it is too much trouble to mend.  I assembled a beautiful wardrobe from a very high end outlet store's "mercy rack" where exquisite garments which had a little seam rip or snag or missing button would be relegated: I often spent $10 on a garment that originally cost over $100.  All because people can't, or won't, sew.  And I was able to fix every flaw with great ease.

I have made little mending kits with button-printed tins and sewing items inside (I sell them here in Utopia and call them Utopian Mending kits: "How can you be a Utopian if you can't sew on a button?").

I have made sewing kit "Housewives" for the store at Monticello, based on the common sewing kits that everyone used to carry in their pocket.  In the world wars, British soldiers carried them into battle and shortened the name to "hussif".

 I have printed fabric with odes to sewing and do-it-yourself needle books, and have made historically inspired needle books based on the Harmonist textiles industry of 200 years ago.

I am so busy making these new things that  I still haven't fixed the armholes of the dress I was making last week, or sewn the button back on my daughter's coat, or caught up the ravel in my favorite sweater.

At least I cook meals from scratch!

now girls can have the same quilt their baby sisters have!

This spring, Land of Nod brought out my "How does your Garden Grow" (gotta love their copywriter!) quilt design in "kid" sizes, twin and full.  It has been available up until now as crib bedding.  Yay!

a cute chair pillow by Shelly Tribbey

Renaissance Ribbons sent me these photos yesterday of a darling pillow made by needlework designer Shelly Tribbey, using my Beidermeier Chairs ribbon and her fabulous needlepointed chair insert.  Thanks so much for sharing these, Shelly!