Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jone Hallmark Home & Studio

I first met Jone Hallmark at the Houston Quilt Market last fall.  I jumped when I saw her name, as I had been considering taking a course of hers at les Soeurs Anglaises in France next August.  So I stopped for a chat and decided right then it was a perfect fit.  Last week I was able to visit her home and studio, and found we are truly kindred spirits: artists with a drive to design and make.  We both love dolls and tiny things.  We both design fabric (Jone designs for Blend Fabrics).  We both are insatiably creative.

I took some snapshots while I was with her.  These are all little still lifes in her home of things she has made or collected.  Saturated with charm, this home is a museum of imagination.

Kess In House Design

I have been having lots of fun lately with Kess In House design.  I have worked with them to design a number of great print-on-demand textiles.  That means you order what you want, they print it and ship it to you.  So my designs are available as shower curtains, pillows, tiles, blankets, bedspreads, pillows...  what I LOVE is the scale.  Seeing one of my designs blown up to the size of a bed or a shower curtain?  So much fun!  Here are a few examples:

PS, all of these designs are also available as fabrics at