Friday, September 3, 2010

what I am really doing instead of writing on my blog

OK, so I have not been posting much this summer.  It IS summer, after all.  But today, the third of September, the weather has uncannily changed, as it always does exactly at the beginning of September, to cool, clear, breezy days and nearly chilly nights.  I love September as I love New Year's: both signal time to get back to serious work after a holiday.

I have been working, too, mostly weaving as I look at the calendar and realize that the two shows I have lined up for next spring are looming (!) ever closer.  I also am lucky enough to have some commissioned work (see my artwork blog, for comments about all of that).

I have been designing new ribbons and anticipating the arrival of the fall ribbons I have already designed: Coleus, Kale, Grapevines, Beets among others.  I am anticipating the arrival of the next Land of Nod catalog (October 21!) which will contain my first designs for them-- what fun that has been!  But all of this work can't be shown until it is on the market so I can't post it now.

And it would seem that most of the time I have been working at the design for my new website, which I hope to switch to on October 1.  (same address, new look!)   I have always done all of my own webwork, but finally hit a wall when I just couldn't figure out how to add project pages, a cleaner design, a more integrated feel.  So I have been feverishly working with a new host and hope to go live with it by the end of the month.  It is always more work than you think it ever could be --even if you have help.  The biggest change for my customers -- other than the addition of project pages -- will be the ability to buy as little as 1/4 yard!  Up until now I worked in units of 1 yard.  So keep your eyes open and be sure to visit us soon.  Here's what the new home page should look like:

I plan to have an area where I can upload customer's ribbon projects, so by all means please email me your LFN ribbon masterpieces if you want me to feature them.   Come to think of it there is no reason I couldn't do that right here, right now on this blog.  You can send ideas to me at

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ribbon luggage rack

When I visited my sister Sandy last week, the luggage rack in the guest room was woefully tattered.  An easy fix!  I had an assortment of ribbons with me and Sandy chose the claret Pears.  I sewed on a pale pear green satin backing ribbon of the same width, cut the ribbon into 20" lengths, and Sandy stapled them back on the rack.  Done in less than 30 minutes!