Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Ribbons!

Oh, I have been waiting for this day.  One of the best parts of my job is when the designs finally lift out of the computer and the actual textile appears.  After much sampling and back-and-forth, it is so much fun to have physical, textured ribbon!  Not exactly in my hands yet but photographed and on the way, here are 5 new ribbons for spring from me, LFN Textiles, and my wholesale partner, Renaissance Ribbons.  I will post them on the website as soon as they arrive in the studio.  Until then start imagining what you will do with them!
Teatime, 7/8"

Desserts, 7/8"

Lacy Flowers, blue 1 1/2"

Lacy Flowers, red, 1 1/2"

Lacy Flowers, turquoise, 1 1/2"

more dog collars!

photo courtesy dog-en-vogue
My wholesale partner, Renaissance Ribbons, forwarded this link to me today: Dog En Vogue, a German site that really has 'em barking! Featuring LFN Textiles Bukhara ribbon in 2 colors as beautifully crafted dog collars.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ribbon dog collars

Many of our ribbon customers use it to make dog collars and leads, and I was happy to hear from another design client yesterday telling me she had spotted my designs while shopping at Wonderdog.  So of course I trotted over to their website and saw many many LFN Ribbons made into such cute collars.  Thanks for the tip, Aileen, and thanks for using them, Wonderdog!

all images courtesy