Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More things to make with Ribbon

I do enjoy Pinterest.  How randomly things pop up: and some people have an incredible eye!  This morning's brief visit brought me to this fabulous handmade heart made of vintage ribbons -- It was made by LaurieMade, offered on etsy (darn! already sold).

Ribbon weaving is simple and gives glorious results.  Basically you pin the vertical set of pre-cut ribbon lengths face down on the ironing board, then interlace the horizontal ribbons, also face down.  Scooch them together carefully when done, pin every ribbon securely in place at either end, cut a piece of fusible interfacing to the size of the final piece, and iron it onto the back of what you have woven.  This will hold it together well enough to even cut it to a shape (I give more detailed instructions in my post How to Make the Ribbon Dress)