Thursday, October 21, 2010

LFN at the Land of Nod

these photos courtesy of Land of Nod

I have been waiting for today -- my first Land of Nod  products went live on their website today!  For those of you with grown kids (and no grandchildren yet) Land of Nod is a partner company of Crate & Barrel and I have been working with the for a couple of years now developing designs for rugs and bedding.  I have always loved their style and it is particularly fun to design furnishings intended for children but with a certain sophistication.  Above are two tufted wool rugs, which come in 3 sizes and these two colorways.

these photos courtesy of Land of Nod
Above here are a coordinating Christmas tree skirt & stocking made of  linen appliqued with felt, based on the bright banners I filled the windows in the New Harmony Contemporary Gallery Shop last year.

I have also designed several bedding sets for Land of Nod, which I believe will come out in early spring 2011.  Fun!

Monday, October 18, 2010

on a lighter note...

From pirates to Santa: sounds like Disneyland!  Just got word that the Santa ribbon we have worked long and hard on (so much detail to fit into a tiny textile) has been ordered and if I am good as gold, Santa will deliver him to me before Christmas ... keep your fingers crossed!
approval sample of 1.5" Santa Ribbon, courtesy Renaissance Ribbons

Saturday, October 16, 2010

with all this exposure there is always a danger....

LFN Textiles Orange Suzani Ribbon 2.5" wide

...and I am not talking about the Social Network movie.  This week I got a cheery note from my British sister in law telling me she had seen my ribbons on a vendor's stall at a show in London, and she gave me the URL.  I always like to see who sells my ribbon so I looked it up and was horrified to find 11 of "my" ribbons, actually knockoffs of popular LFN ribbon designs.  Utterly recognizable designs, but poorly woven, colors off, narrower widths and yes, cheaper prices. I include four of my designs which were among the knockoffs, and there were 7 others at least. (these are my designs, not the copies, pictured)
LFN TIny Christmas Cakes ribbon, 1" wide
most people think only Gucci bags and music get pirated or knocked off.  They enjoy getting designer goods at a cut-rate price and think it doesn't really hurt anybody.  I am here to tell you that any creator is likely to suffer.  Copyright laws exist but are difficult to enforce, and most copycats know that minor changes are enough to render a design "new " and original enough.

This is the third instance in as many years that I have uncovered knockoffs of my designs, always by accident when someone tells me they have seen my ribbon somewhere (last year was a shoe manufacturer who actually got samples from us and then had the designs printed more cheaply).

LFN Big Bee ribbon, 1.5" wide
The damage this does is twofold.  Of course, I am not being paid for my designs.  It also introduces a cheaper, less well made item, which is detrimental to the reputation of my beautifully designed ribbons.  Their prices undersell mine which causes its own harm.

Having things manufactured abroad, notably in Asia, exposes one to this kind of piracy much more easily.  One never can blame the little guy who is buying these ribbons, not knowing the harm done; but it is really difficult to trace the source and it is nearly impossible to prosecute.

Auricula Ribbon, LFN Textiles, 1.5" wide, brown ground
I would like to ask you, my supporters, to keep an LFN watch out for me for a while.  Let me know whenever you see ribbons you think might be mine, for sale in stores abroad.  I am particularly on the hunt for the British distributor right now.  We are pursuing our own investigations at Renaissance Ribbons, but I could use your help.  You can leave comments here or email me at  Thanks!

PS: I have now heard from the shop owner who was unwittingly carrying these ribbons and she quite reasonably asked me to remove her photos from this posting, which I have done, so I am only showing the original LFN designs, not the copies.  You may use your imagination, they were similar enough but the widths and colors were slightly different.  Others copied include Allium, several colors of Palmette and Suzani and Poppy.

I should add that the shop owner was mortified and quite lovely about taking the offending ribbons off her website.  She purchased them Asia and saw them everywhere there.  It is frightening -- but some people have pointed out it is the way of the world and I should feel flattered and keep moving.  The answer is always new designs.  Not sure I agree, but what else can you do?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Spoonflower Conquest!

I have been entering Spoonflower's Fabric of the Week contests occasionally when the theme matches something in my portfolio. Last week I was surprised and delighted to find out that I had won the Gourd contest!  My prize: $100 worth of Spoonflower fabric, so I was able to print out a number of designs in my portfolio.  As you might imagine I design far more than I can afford to print -- so this is a great boon to me.  I think I will make aprons out of my fabrics, there seems to be a demand for them at our New Harmony Coffee House & General Store.  It is so lovely to be selected from a field of talented peers, and to be chosen by peers.  Thanks, Spoonflower!

Textile Society of America

Last week, I took my ribbons out to Lincoln, Nebraska to offer them for sale in the Marketplace at the Textile Society of America symposium.  Although, because I sat in the market, I was not able to attend the many fascinating seminars, many friends & colleagues were in attendance and I was able to socialize and network at night and when people visited my booth.  The other vendors had fascinating goods: beyond the usual expected shibori and hand woven scarves, there were dealers of South Asian quilts, (Thomas Mond of Maine) and moroccan and central Asian textiles (Ethnofacts from Lawrence, KS); high end handmade clothing dealers such as Santa Fe Weaving Gallery and Carol Lee Shanks; artist cooperatives representatives such as Creative Bee from India and Quilts for Kids, Nepal.   Natural dyeing was a major theme of the symposium and Carol Leigh's Hillcreek Studio brought masses of natural dye substances and mordants.  ( I was able to resist most of the textiles, but indulged my curiosity about natural dying by purchasing madder root, logwood and mordants -- watch my art blog for what happens with that!).

Carol Leigh's Hillcreek Fiber Studio

Quilts for Kids, Nepal

Carol Lee Shanks clothing

I got to the International Quilt Study Museum to see a fantastic exhibition of quilts from India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, and made connections with their museum store and several others for selling LFN Ribbons. 

At my booth I was delighted to have conversations with dozens of fascinating conferees about all sorts of textile subjects, and was gratified to hear from many of them that they had previously purchased LFN Ribbons at diverse stores all across the country.

John Marshall Japanese Textiles
Thomas Mond Quilts

LFN Display

LFN ribbon belts

The drive home yesterday in the October sunshine was sparkling and sunny, and today I am soooooooo happy to return to my studio.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yikes, a month since posting!  any day now the mail will bring me the new Beets ribbon and I will need to get it online for you: here is a peek now.

Also, I have another design in a Spoonflower contest for gourd fabrics, my heirloom pumpkins. (if you want to vote for me, it is #60!)


This week I am off to Lincoln, Nebraska to sell ribbon at the Textile Society of America conference -- looking forward to meeting a fascinating group of people.  More to come!