Tuesday, November 6, 2007

big cute

I sell a number of the things I make at the Racine Art Museum Store, and as they are having a shoe exhibition right now I thought it would be fun to make some ribbonny shoes for them. Big shoes are sort of a fuss to make, so I decided to make baby slippers instead.
The ribbons are from a collection I did for Renaissance Ribbons last winter called the Little Darlings collection, all 2-sided damasks and childlike and fresh.

The charming bootie pattern came from an esty vendor, melimade.


  1. Ah Laura, these are the sweetest! and some beautiful fabric/ribbon combinations as well.

    When I figure out on how to adapt the size of the picture with "hgold" pair in a way that it fits with the rest of the product category pictures - could I use it for my web site? Of course I'll credit. I already linked to you from the ribbons and crafts site (currently under "About us" but soon also under "Inspiration"). Go have a look and tell me what you think of it...feedback/improvements are welcome! www.ribbonsandcrafts.com. The english entry page is coming up soon....

  2. Hi Diana:
    Your site is looking lovely .. can't wait to see more "how to's". I'll send you some slipper pix to use.



  3. Hi!
    I love your stuff-- where did you find this booties pattern? Thanks!

  4. You can download a PDF of the bootie pattern from melimade.etsy.com.