Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sewing the Suzanis

I had some time last week to begin sewing again. I went to a store in Evansville specializing in fabrics for interiors (Grateful Threads) and thrifty me found the table of sample swatches they were selling off for a pittance. I came home with a fistful of new fabrics, all carefully selected to go with my Suzani range of ribbons, and each big enough to make 2 small zippered bags with or a couple of sachets. Just the kind of simple, pretty thing I like to make. The fun for me is in matching patterns with other patterns -- nothing so easy as pattern to solid which is conventional design wisdom! Here are some pix of the fabrics, and a few of the things I have made. Some of those bags are for sale at my Etsy store.


  1. They are lovely, Laura - and a very good idea to combine them with furniture/home decoration fabric as they fit wonderfully with the thicker texture.

    The Suzani line is popular here as well...I used it on a children's vest to show the possibilities...

    Would you consider linking to the ribbons and crafts site from your blog/site?

  2. Diana reminded me that I had not linked to her wonderful Eurpoean ribbon website, Ribbons and Crafts. An oversight! She sells LFN Ribbons with lovely project ideas, and her blog, oh my bag, is another link here.