Monday, February 11, 2008

some fresh things

I have long been fascinated with Auricula flowers, and have worked with their odd and colorful faces many times. Ten years ago I wove a lovely linen jacquard with large blooms; this then translated to an upholstery fabric for my short-lived LFN Textiles Upholstery line.
Recently I Licensed the design to Crate & Barrel for use as a kitchen towel. Not finished yet! I spent the last few weeks making some applique fabric samples to expand my design vocabulary (usually I just design at the loom or on the computer screen) to include more warm & fuzzy reality in my portfolio. I have had a wonderful time with elementary materials such as wool felt, along with my usual staple, DMC floss and a few high-end decorator fabric snips thrown in. So here are the Auriculas from that cycle.

1 comment:

  1. LFNtextiles--it doesn't look like you need to expand your design vocabulary at all!! I really love your ribbon designs. But it is fun to immerse yourself in something outside of your normal path.
    So glad I clicked over to your blog---thanks!