Monday, February 16, 2009

ribbon remnants

One of the more popular items on my website is the ribbon remnant bag. For $20 you get a quart-size ziplock bag of ribbon scraps; some are pretty small (around 2" square) but they range up to 1/2 or 3/4 of a yard. The tiny bits, I worry, might exasperate some people, but in reality, like my mother did, I tend to save ANYTHING that might be useful, and I already know how useful those bits are! I posted earlier about using a wood-burning tool to cut ribbon so that the ends don't ravel: this makes it into charming little appliques. To wit, here are some things I have used ribbon appliques on. Many of the items were purchased at places like Target: I am determined to make ribbons that blend across the marketplace and can go on anything. Since they are polyester, they are washable. When sewing doesn't work, a hot-melt glue gun is great! (see "Glue Gun Decor" by Marian McEvoy -- and now you can get at at Amazon for 52 cents, the wonderful thing about waiting a couple of years to buy a book!)

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  1. oooo - remnants are my favorite - I need 1/2 a yard to be able to do anything with it for my BookWormz, but your remnant bag sure is tempting! :)