Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Basket

We have gone oddball for the holidays lately. For Christmas, unable to do the simplest function of getting out and buying a tree, we resorted at the last minute to taking one of the poor, dead, but beloved espalier trees which we had unsuccessfully moved from our Chicago garden, and strung it with lights and ornaments. Though it might have struck some as a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, we thought it was transcendentally beautiful.

This weekend our friend Christine and her son Desmond joined us for Easter. Christine is fabulously unconventional, and as Desmond is getting to the age where the Easter Bunny might soon be of interest, I asked her to pull together the Easter basket for the center of the table to hold all of the assorted chocolates and Peeps I had brought in. We ended up with a silver soup tureen lined with straw brought in from the garden, and filled up with blue & yellow Peeps and marzipan eggs. Splendid!

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