Friday, June 5, 2009

what do you think of these colors?

I just adore color. It really is one of my reasons to make art. I found myself giving unsolicited advice yesterday to a neighbor painting the facade of his new restaurant here in New Harmony, to change a tiny little detail in a scroll color -- and prefaced it with the fact that I am a Colorist. (oh, please! I can be a bit high handed, I am sure).

Here are some proposed new colorways for my Auricula Ribbon. I want to do it in a narrower width -- maybe 7/8" -- and think the round flowers will look like punchy polka dots at that scale.

Please weigh in with comments as to which colors you like best!

These designs are copyright Laura Foster Nicholson 2009.


  1. I like the middle one. I love pink and green.

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  3. I like all three, but the third the best. I would like the second one the best if the yellow weren't so washed out. It's too much of a contrast with the other two flowers, but I would take rolls and rolls of any of them for free.... (tee hee)

  4. Laura, I love the first one. Perfect autumn colours, and the third one - very festive and would make a good series together with number 1!

  5. The first one has the same colors as the Suzani in turquoise and its coordinates.

    Votes are coming in on Facebook too -- thanks to everyone who has taken the time to consider this!

  6. I love the 3rd one because I'm a big lavender/purple fan and love dark backgrounds. However, it's a close tie with the 2nd one as I seem to be on a big pink/green kick with all of my needlework lately!
    They're all gorgeous :)