Monday, April 19, 2010

tractor time again in New Harmony

Every so often -- and I am unaware of the schedule -- we have a glorious parade north on Main street, turning the corner on Church, and going back out to IN 69 again, of the Keck-Gonnerman antique tractors that folks around here love to show off. Saturday was one of those days when we all stepped out of the Church Street Coffee House, attracted by the flashing of Scottie's police lights at the intersection, and were able to watch the entire parade snaking toward us. I particularly love the cart full of kids with the sign -- reminiscent of the fire trucks full of kids in my small hometown's annual July 4th parade.

I always love seeing these quiet old farm machines -- they PURR -- but I also get a thrill when new farm machines come through town (frequently) as they are more like brontosaurouses with their deafening roars, and story-high towers on axles that seem to span the width of the entire street. The contrast with our pretty & prim Victorian facades downtown is priceless.

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