Monday, May 31, 2010

recycled fabric potholders

I have been at a loss for a long time as to how to make use of recycled materials within my own aesthetic. Funny to hear, I am sure, as there is so much creative thought and work out there on the subject! I recently read Natalie Chanin's Alabama Stitch Book, and saw she was using recycled T-shirts to make the most sumptuous garments imaginable (I want them all), so off I went to the recycling center and picked up an armload of T-shirts in pretty colors, then sat on them for weeks wondering what to make.

The book had a project featuring a dishtowel made of T-shirt jersey, so at last one morning I lighted on the idea of potholders (I never have enough attractive potholders). I cut the jersey up into 8" squares using a wave-edge rotary cutter, sorted them into piles of five layers, and sewed them together with fancy stitches, using a scrap of LFN Ribbon as a center anchor and another as a loop. I made up 6 in well under an hour. Nice project!

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