Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes

People are always asking me what to do with my ribbons. Well, I had never thought of making kaleidoscopes with them! To be exact, Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes uses LFN and other ribbons, encased in glass, to form the side boxes for their exquisite kaleidoscopes.

"Kaleidoscope designer, Bob Rioux has been working with glass since 1976. Using creativity and fine craftsmanship he designs and produces beautiful works of art. Bob’s wife and business partner, Elissa comes to The Sea Parrot with 20 years of experience from her business, Elissa Glassworks. A love of glass and textiles has inspired her to design several new kaleidoscopes in the collection."
(this from their artist statement)

It is a pity that I don't have the technical know how to reproduce the fabulous spinning kaleidoscopic images of what one actually sees through this ribbon box -- for that please visit the website, Stunning and imaginative! Thank you, Bob & Elissa, for these glorious things!

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