Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vogue Fabrics

Vogue Fabrics in Evanston & Chicago, IL has got to be my all time favorite fabric store.  I have been shopping at the Evanston store since I was in seventh grade and beginning to sew.  We would make pilgrimages up from the northern suburbs and pore over all manner of useful and exotic fabric, always being sure to hit the remnant room to collect an armload of bargains before heading home to the sewing machine.  I sewed addictively and it was sewing that led me to a life and career in textiles.

I was thrilled when they began carrying my line of artist's ribbons, which they still proudly label as "designed by hometown artist Laura Foster Nicholson" years after I decamped to southern Indiana.  Loyalty begets loyalty, I guess.

When I was at Crate & Barrel offices last week showing my new designs for next fall, one of the buyers told me that Vogue had displayed a wide range of my ribbons draped on a dress form in the window.  Here it is, with a reflection of Evanston in the background.  Thanks Katie!


  1. Laura, I am so excited to find that you hav ea blog! I have long loved your ribbons, and Renaissance Ribbons sent me a few ribbons to play with--several of yours were in there!
    I've been linking each of your ribbons (every time I use them on a project) to your lfntextiles online store. Edith was fantastic to find me your online store web link. I even featured one of your ribbons today!
    I will be visiting your blog often, even though I'm not a textile artist--but a paper artist. Your ribbons are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  2. Thanks, K! I have posted the photo and the link. How wonderful to find someone using LFN ribbons so creatively.

  3. Belatedly, I comment on your Vogue Fabrics post. As your sistah and fellow expeditionist, I want to ask you why you choose to say "up" to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL. MY inclination is to say "down" since it is south of our our hometown. I still have many visceral memories of the Evanston store: tongue-in-grove oak flooring that buckled and creaked, and the aisles of tables with fabric flats or rolls, and the separate rooms for designer fabrics, notions and patterns, and home decorating fabrics. Sigh.