Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eggemoggin Textile Studio

Back in the days when I wholesaled my own ribbon, I developed some wonderful friendships with my customers, who would call to placean order and then we would chat about sewing, design, textiles, trends, ideas.  I miss that, even though I am no marketing genius and was very happy to turn over the wholesale marketing of LFN Textiles Artists Ribbons to Renaissance Ribbons in 2007.

I got to know Chris Leith in that way.  Chris owns Eggemoggin Textile Studio in Sedgewick, Maine, and like me, she is primarily a handweaver.  Once she sent me a lovely little package with sea urchins, delicately wrapped in hand-dyed threads, which are on a shelf here in my studio to this day.  Studying them provided the basis for my various Sea Urchin patterns, which I sell over at Spoonflower.

Sea Urchin 6

Chris sent a newsletter out this morning, and she wrote that she is featuring a series of Garden Pillows each hand woven or hand-dyed, and all trimmed with my ribbons.  How delightful!  I love living in a world where we makers and designers and small businesses are all REAL people with names and personalities and ideas, with whom you can correspond.  Another reason it seems so silly to even think of shopping at places like Michael's and Joann Fabrics, where all is the same and no one knows your name.
Garden Series 1 pillow by Chris Leith, Eggemoggin Studio 2010
(note: Tree ribbon in this width is no longer available, it is now 1 7/8" wide)

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