Monday, April 23, 2012

ribbons on pillows by Meryl Ann Butler

Rickrack ribbon by LFN Textiles

Morning Glory Ribbon by LFN Textiles
Pansy ribbon in red by LFN Textiles
Meryl Ann Butler, a popular author of quilting books, has released MORE 90-Minute Quilts, and she has featured a number of LFN Textiles ribbons in her projects.  Nice to see these flowery favorites on such pretty cushions!

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  1. Sew little separation! While I have not met Meryl Ann Butler, I know of her from the Tidewater Quilters Guild and from one of my favorite local quilt shops, Sarah's Thimble in Virginia Beach. The Quilt for a Cause group at Lynnhaven United Methodist Church featured Meryl's 90-minute quilt techniques as taught by Jane Amelon, aka Dr. Gigi, and President of the Tidewater Quilters Guild. My 90-minute quilt is not yet finished, because I spent the time helping Stephie learn to quilt. How wonderful that Meryl and Laura "know" each other professionally, and that I benefit!