Monday, September 24, 2012

New LFN Textiles Ribbons on the way!

Very soon now my new designs for fall and holiday will arrive and I will get them online to  Until then, here are a few to get you thinking about them!

 "Flowerpots" is a favorite of mine, a lot of detail crammed into a 1.5" ribbon!  I have always loved big round mums at this time of year, but I couldn't resist making the flowers more varied.

 I haven't named this one yet -- my names tend to be literal!  but the colors are juicy and earthy, and match well with the Flowerpots.

And I couldn't resist adding these fall ribbons from last year to show the continuity of the colors -- don't they coordinate well?  

All will go online as soon as my stock arrives.


  1. Oh Man, I love ALL of these, and I miss you too. Let's have a big party and invite cool people! SOON!

    1. Oh, Chad, that is a seriously good idea!

  2. Seriously beautiful ribbon.Love the flowerpots.