Saturday, February 16, 2013

From ribbon to voile! thanks to Spoonflower

As a textile designer, I often license my designs across several formats -- ribbon, fabric, dinnerware.  Usually it is me doing the legwork to find the clients for licensing, but I had a very pleasant surprise last fall.  I have a very large portfolio of fabric designs on Spoonflower, and the occasional sale of my designs through that is gratifying.  Some of the patterns I post on Spoonflower are based on ribbons I have designed.

Here is my design from several years ago for my Dahlia Ribbon.  I love it: it is heavy satin with very beautifully articulated details in the weaves. I redesigned it into an allover pattern and uploaded it to Spoonflower,. 

Last fall I got a message from a clothing designer who wanted to order yardage for sampling, and if the samples showed well at the January trade shows, he would want a license so that he could produce it in quantity.  He chose to print on cotton voile, which is a nice summery choice.  For this I earned my designer commission form Spoonflower.

This week he sent me photos of the samples, and indicated they were going ahead with production!  So the license was executed, the fee paid, and ahead we go.  As these shirts are not on the market yet, I can't link to them for you, but it sure was exciting!  As my designs are usually licensed for Home Dec, it is fun to see them as clothing.  Thank you, Spoonflower!



  1. Congratulations! How lovely and exciting!

  2. Saw your link on the Art of Licensing.

    Congratulations on the licensing your design. What a wonderful story!

  3. Found you over at linked in. Such a positve story. Congrats and thanks for sharing!

  4. That's fantastic. It just goes to show that is "pays" to put your work out into the world in many ways. Congratulations!