Sunday, August 25, 2013

Walking around Paris, peering into shop windows

I was recently in Paris for 3 days, prior to going down to Les Soeurs Anglaises to take a weeklong workshop on creative making. I had no agenda other than to have fun, so determined just to wander around the neighborhoods and find some textile inspirations. A friend had found a great little inexpensive hotel in St Germain des Pres -- a high end neighborhood full of gorgeous cafes and expensive shops. As it was August, many of the shops were closed so it turned into a time of windowshopping. Here are a few highlights: Textile Design shops -- Pierre Frey in particular.
Here is a shop selling high end jacquard "tapestry" made up into wonderful objects. Love the horsehead pillows. You might notice the graffiti from across the street, reflected in the window.
The Gien shop -- gorgeous hand painted porcelain. They were hardhearted enough to have pulled iron grilles across the big windows, but it is rather a decorative addition.
This shop, whose name I sadly did not write down!, had the most delightful things, but i could not work out if they were toys or housewares.
And a terrific shop of African made objects, CSAO Africa. Really heartbreaking that I could not go in! from hand painted step stools to Yoruba thrones.
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  1. Sitting on the coast of Maine feeling transported this afternoon by your travels.....Thanks, Laura

  2. Gorgeous things- very mouthwatering- oh the frustration of the shops being closed so no more browsing could take place!