Sunday, September 30, 2007

Color sampling

I saw a post on Jane Brocket's Yarnstorm blog the other day about yarn samples, and I thought I would share one of the best parts of designing ribbons for me: choosing colors.
Manufacurers usually expect you to send in Pantone color numbers for them to match thread to. This is an approximate science: I find color must be art or it has no life.

One of our current manufacturers sent me this thread book (first photo), which has a very nice range of shiny ("brite") and matte polyester threads, but if you weave, you know that woven color is never pure and it mixes with the thread already on the loom.

My real asset is this wonderful book of woven thread samples from a manufacturer that I sadly no longer work with. It has literally thousands of color threads, each on a separate card: on each card it is interwoven in a variety of weaves so one knows -- and can specify -- exactly what that thread will look like woven. One side of the card shows the thread woven across white, and the other side shows it woven across black. This, my friends, is a big part of the good colors I come up with on my ribbons!

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