Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a sewing kit for the quilt show

I love working with the ribbons I design, to find new uses for them. "Quilting" is a re-issue of a design I originally did as a printed satin. It is terrific as a reversible woven, 7/8" wide. The look is reminiscent of old coverlets, and I love the stitching detail. I should have it up on the website in about 10 days.

I have been interested in sewing kits, pincushions, and needle books, so I designed a sewing set using antique linen ticking and wool felt to make a needle book with pockets for scissors and notions; then made a wrist pincushion, using the ribbon as the casing for an elastic band. Finally I made one of my signature lavender-stuffed square pincushions. I made box corners to make it look even more like a little mattress in its crisp ticking. The edges are all bound with my red Plaid ribbon.

I am toying with the idea of designing a line of sewing patterns for items like this -- what do you think? Please weigh in with comments!

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