Monday, January 18, 2010

violet? or purple?

Whatever you want to call this color it certainly is everywhere. I was in Marshall Field's (OK, Macy's) men's department in Chicago before Christmas looking at men's ties (the only pretty thing men get to wear) and there was an astonishing array of lavender, orchid, violet, purple, and magenta ties to choose from. I didn't buy any of them for Ben -- don't think he is ready for it! -- but I did ask the salesperson if men had any aversion to wearing this color and she replied that they were taking it up avidly. We have been adding it to the LFN ribbon line as well, and here is Rose's purple photo of the ribbons.

(in the photo you can see, top to bottom and then left to right:
Rose's black & white Cat, Suzani Flower, Brocade dot, Auricula Lavender, Butterfly lavender, Primrose violet, Suzani Flower 22mm, Samarkand amethyst, black & white Plaid, Arabesque violet, and Chairs)

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