Sunday, February 23, 2014

Making Posters

I confess, I never took a graphic design course in my life.  Add that to the fact that I have a certain amount of wry appreciation for the fact that nowadays, with computer options, "everyone is a designer", that I am a rank amateur along with the hordes of people out there with Photoshop and maybe Illustrator in their toolkits, and, well, let's just keep this in perspective.
Hearts in Harmony, Laura Foster Nicholson (c) 2014 all rights reserved

Nonetheless, I have had a lot of fun in recent weeks making various posters for town events here in New Harmony.  One bleak afternoon in early February I had to make a poster for a fund raising event for our spring art fair, and I was browsing the web for source imagery for a different project altogether when a few images jumped out to me and made me laugh.  I was just off balance enough to grab them, throw out what little I thought I knew about design, and make some silly posters.  I think it was the most creative thing I have done since the solstice.  And note, of course, the keyword here is FUN.

The fund raiser was a great success and I got my shot in the arm of creative sunshine.  Maybe I have a future!

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  1. Nice poster Laura. I'm like you, no formal school training, but I've had the creative bug in me since I was a little kid. I use Illustrator almost daily, (since version 3), and I know enough about Photoshop to make people think I know what I'm doing :) . I also scrounge the web for inspiration for A project, only to find cool influences for OTHER projects, and some that inspire projects I hadn't even thought of yet.