Friday, March 7, 2014

Radiant Orchid 2012

I was going through my vast number of uploaded designs yesterday at Spoonflower, the online print-on-demand fabric service (Spoonflower has a great option in that you can offer your own designs for sale and receive a nice commission whenever someone else buys fabric printed with one of your designs).

 All designs copyright Laura Foster Nicholson 2012-2014.  All rights reserved.

I did a big collection in a colorway I called Plum in 2012, and as I came across it yesterday I realized there it was! Radiant Orchid!  I have written about this rather curious color a couple of times already, commenting on how "outside" the norm it seemed to me, and yet here I had used it with a generous hand in a design collection 2 years ago.  OK, proof that color trending is indeed insightful.

I wonder how many of you have had this color creep into your wardrobe or your home or your creative work in the past couple of years? Yes, that is how a trend is spotted.  Most of us unconscious of it until it reaches a critical mass, and someone like Faith Popcorn or Pantone points it out and shout, "AHA!"


  1. I have been wearing this colour house coat for many years. I never liked it, but when I felt the fabric, the warmth and the consistency of this stretch polar fleece, I had to have it. The colour would never have been my choice, but it is now an old faithful, paint smattered and torn but still # 1 for those cold mornings. I reckon the colour has influenced many of my paintings although I would never admit it. :)

  2. I am always intrigued by how we are influenced by the colors we are wearing. I will make certain color choices on days when I am wearing those colors - not consciously, but maybe a kind of peripheral consciousness.

  3. Orchid,shocking pink,fuschia.....these are hot colours throughout the year
    in India, both in traditional and contemporary fabrics......never out of fashion !!! bhamini subramaniam

  4. I wear this color in all shades a lot and hate when it goes out of fashion. It's a color that looks great on me and brings out my bluish green eyes. Yay! So glad it's back!

  5. Back in the 60's when I was a hippy weaver and leather worker, this was one of the faves of our generation. Nice to see it back, although, if truth be known, no color is ever gone. As a retired professional textile and clothing designer from the garment center in NYC, I have always felt that designers have the option to use whatever seems right at any time. It's all in the proportion, even if your boss thinks you should avoid it!!