Sunday, December 13, 2009

studio sale accomplished!

I have been so busy in the "real" world that I have not posted in some time, but this evening I concluded my first studio sale in New Harmony: I joined with about 10 other artists in the region and we made a tour of open studios with a map and an incentive gift prize for those who made t to all 6 locations. Having moved here from the BIG city I have to admit I was skeptical about whether a studio sale would attract enough visitors to make it worthwhile but the answer is yes! Thank you New Harmony, and my artist friends i n the region whose good idea this was (Karen Sanders, Tom Wintczak, Kathy Sands, John Graves, and Dave Powell). It worked!

I decorated my studio with garlands I sewed from scraps of ribbon, buttons, and Chinese metallic paper -- it was festive. And I sold ribbons, gift items, pillows, and even a couple of jacquard woven wall hangings.

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