Saturday, October 27, 2007

new designs

I'm working toward a group of new ribbon designs to introduce in January. Now that I work with a company, Renaissance Ribbons, all development is a committee affair, and all of my designs go through an informal but through process of evaluation for market-worthiness. I am thrilled with the success of the Suzani collection, which we launched in August, and really gratified that as so often happens, my nose for a trend has proved dead on.

We are discussing ideas for the next collection right now: as usual I have about 15 times as many ideas as we can afford to produce. Each ribbon, each color of that ribbon, is run in lots of at least 3300 yards, so we are talking a lot of ribbon here. One needs to be very sure that the design is a good one! I am happy to say that we will be producing coordinates for many of the existing ribbons, so projects can be designed with a range of patterns & widths which all go together. We did this from the get-go with the Suzanis, designing 3 patterns in separate widths and 4 colorways.

So, friends, here's a chance to have some input! Do we need more vegetables? More flowers? Poppies in pink? Tiny Tomatoes? Or other subjects? Do leave me some feedback, and watch this space as new ribbons emerge.


  1. Ah!, I already like what I see! More vegetables? Yes! Didn't I see a beautiful pumpkin tapestry a couple of posts ago? Flowers? Yes! Cornflowers, violets, poppies,.. Oh...and before I forget: what about Hortensias (Hydrangeas in English I believe...)...and for next year's autumn some glossy chestnuts, acorns, walnuts....haha. Let me get back to you after the fair on the 9-11 November and tell you what I hear through the grapevines overhere...

  2. I like the flowers better than the veges, but my favourites so far are the Suzani ribbons - so for me I guess patterns are better than representations of things. Although I also really like your cutlery and chairs ribbons - and of course knitting ones - appeals to a huge market!

  3. Please - what ever you do, can you make some of the cute patterns in 5/8 widths? I need them for my pattern tamers (which I am mailing a sample soon - I just keep selling them as fast as I can make them).

    I would especially like some knitting thems in 5/8.

    Love your stuff.

    Kelly Black

  4. Thanks Kelly -- you can get Who's knitting in 5/8" on my website ( I'll pass this along to Renaissance when we confer about the spring line this week!

  5. I think the radish design is lovely. Thank you for your vegetable ribbons!