Wednesday, October 17, 2007

sachets for the eyes and senses

I am deeply into good smells, valuing my nose almost as much as my eyes & hands. I get great pleasure from making sachets, using organic dried lavender flowers and filling eye masks (the best way to nap) with a mixture of lavender & flaxseed. You need the flaxseed for weight: this exerts a cool soothing pressure on the eyelids and blocks out the light: napping comes easily this way.
To make one, you take an 8" square of silk, find the center, and then apply the length of ribbon to the lower half. Then fold, stitch around the edge, turn, and fill halfway with a mix of flaxseed and dried lavender.

I also love making pincushion sachets (so if you sew it's the former, if not, it just smells wonderful).
These are also simple to make: I use 2 - 7" squares of a pretty fabric and sew a length of ribbon across the center, or maybe diagonally, then sew around the edges with the right sides together. Turning it, I stuff it until it is absolutely solid with lavender. It takes about 4 ounces to do this. Sew the opening closed, and then tuft the center deeply with a pair of vintage buttons, one on each side. I have a lot of fabric, a lot of ribbon, and a lot of buttons, so I tend to make a lot of these pretty things. I sell them on my website and on my etsy page.

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  1. Very inspiring blog you have here. I forgot how much I love ribbon, and I especially like your project ideas. I used to work right around the corner from MJ Trimmings in Manhattan and I would go during lunch and buy all kinds of ribbons. Your projects are giving me some great ideas of what to do with my stash (and yearnings to add to it!).

    Good luck with your new collection. It's beautiful.
    Jill DiMassimo Rye, NY